Levis Skinny Jeans - How to Get the Best Deal

levis skinny jeans

Levi's jeans are truly on top of business when it comes to best jeans designs. From the original fit, straight fit, skinny, comfort fit and relaxed fit, there are plenty of designs that suits every person's preferences. But in order to know which one is right for you, a simple knowledge about the product might prove helpful.


First of all, let's take a look at how Levi's jeans was first established. Back in 1873, the first pair of blue jeans were created by Levi Strauss. Along with a tailor named Jacob Davis, Strauss accepts the offer  regarding patenting the first riveted denim jeans. In May 20, 1873, the two men were granted with the U.S. Patent 139,121. The company then started to manufacturing the very first Levi's 501 jeans in the 1890's. There are three main reasons why Levi's jeans are very popular. The first reason is that it offers comfortable feelings to the wearer. Levi's jeans is also a great example of jeans that is very comfortable to wear even though it looks sturdy. The second reason is because none of the jeans today can match up to the durability that Levi's jeans offers.


Originally created for cowboys and miners, Levi's jeans are truly very durable and comfortable. This durability is then incorporated into various jeans like the 501 jeans, skinny jeans and other Levi's trademarks which sports a double stitching and metal rivets reinforcements along every corners. The last reason for the Levi's jeans popularity is that it possesses an extraordinary style which suits a manly look.


The style of jeans also plays an important role in shopping for a Levi jeans. Majority of people today prefers a jean that can be worn on various events. Nowadays, fashion has become really interesting. Men and women have started sharing the same style that women used back in 80's – skinny jeans. They say that fashion trends never dies, it only revolves in a continuous cycle, just like how history repeats itself. Skinny jeans have truly entered the fashion industry. If that is what they call the latest fashion, then you have got to wear it as well.


The most basic concept about skinny jeans is that it hinders your movements since it is very tight to wear. However, this belief is very much wrong. Contrary to what people think, skinny jeans are comfortable and flexible to wear. It does not hinder your movements nor makes you feel uneasy. In fact, skinny jeans are so comfortable that many women and even men are currently using it. Back in the days, the famous founder of Levi's, Levi Strauss said that the skinny jeans they produce for men have lots of room in the thigh which makes locomotion very easy.


Many people consider skinny jeans to be very feminine yet sexy because it shows off the legs and emphasizes long legged individuals. That's partly true because if girls wear skinny jeans, they would surely show off they legs. Levi jeans are the best when it comes to skinny jeans. They produces comfortable and flexible styles of skinny jeans that meet the demands of the public.


Levi's skinny jeans has become very popular to both men and women throughout the world, which is why women loves wearing them casually. Skinny jeans can be paired with any shoe or boots as well, although when paired with boots, it is the boots that gets the better attention.


If you are looking for a jean that would fit you nicely, you can try the latest design by Levi's Co., the Curve ID. This latest design of fit jeans have proved to be very popular because it has all the shapes that could fit all people. Simply get a custom fitted for the waist, hips and height and you will find a pair of jeans that suits you well.


Due to the fashion demands of the people, cotton denim jeans has become very popular. Skinny jeans are made of denim cotton, which is why it is not very tight even though it is skinny. What's great about Levi's skinny jeans is that it certainly goes with the flow of fashion. With it's durability and style, no wonder why some famous celebrities wore the same outfit. Actors like Justin Timberlake and Jay Z now sports skinny jeans attire although they are men. It's good to note that these celebrities are performing on stage, proving that skinny jeans are not uncomfortable at all.


It's not new that men and women have some similarities when it comes to fashion. Today, men shares the same taste with women, as what skinny jeans have demonstrated. However, it is good to note that although skinny jeans are mostly considered feminine, it still provides great fashion sense for males using the said outfit. Also, regarding the idea that skinny jeans for men gives problems on their crotch section, the latest skinny jeans are designed to give comfort to these areas. It means that men can feel comfortable when they use skinny jeans.


The Levi's skinny 511 jeans are also a great design of jeans which is favored by many. It sits below the waist having a slim leg to the ankle. There are exclusive features of this type of jean. First is the open top shank button located at the waistline. Second is the wider belt loops which is also made of one hundred percent pure cotton. The skinny 511 also includes a nice design of pocket called five-pocket style. It also uses a zipper fly which comes in various styles. The price range for the Levi's 511 ranges from $44 to $70.


If you wish to enjoy and try the designs and styles that skinny Levi jeans offers, you can visit their website and have a look at the latest offers they have. You can also grab some discounts if you are lucky enough. There are also numerous online stores that offers Levi's skinny jeans. You can purchase these jeans when you visit their site or if you visit their local outlets.